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Here is a story of September drjizz 3 last year over somethingb that happened to us, and I thought, never happen again, something happened and I want to share with uou. Recently we drjizz have been for two weeks vacation to Greece, a beautiful island and a great drjizz hotel with private beach. A I like diving and the wife loves the sun and read (topless ) anyway after a few days in a routine, as I do that, he was cleaning in the sea of ​​my glasses when sundeds women in drjizz the chat of some kind in the mountains, no big deal and swimming addressed. I had seen this kind for breakfast, which was about 65 ish, very respectable body of it, an older man and a head full of gray hair, which seemed to have a few pounds. A few days I was at sea, and saw him talking to the woman and thought it is a freedom, or just being nice. When theC the sea and the drjizz guy said hello hello I returned with a beautiful place it is not. He lay on the highs bed, which was directly behind us, I dried off and lay face down on the tanning bed with my glasses and could see this guy makes a bad word or something in one of these books. I must have slept, because the next thing I know is that my wife beside me they had been landed in the sea has dried up, her nipples were hard as a rock by the water and really dark brown, man had a furtive glance behind and saw him and I do not care for my wife, since dried up, what he liked that, obviously it was always an uncomfortable and hard on their backs. had me and I thought chuckly bold type then out in the sun. as vacation ever advanced its kind in the sun next to us and talk to wwe small and talked to my wife when I was at sea. My EIFE told me it was John, a widower and retired teacher, said he had taken pity on him when he was alone, had a great timeChat ang my wife get a taste of her tits PERT view of all that opertunity. On the penultimate day that had been in town to eat at the bar and said that not many people around when I drjizz was about 12 00 hours and most of which close at midnight we left the bar and John tyo was in the SAT in their own bar oh poor John, but still I have a few drinks, and we need him, he was talking to a really nice guy Asbout beutifull view from the hotel through the bar and my wife could only mentionedv wepoke half believe that because of some trees on the way, drjizz John said, oh I can see the bay in one of the suites at the top of the complex was right, that there was money, why they arise and a lokik the view is still I have my bottle fantasticive complementary wine you can drink. hi I'm thinking, what we have here, he is superior to what I know the hard drjizz thjinking always told me something that could happen here, but no newhad at least did not seem the type and noteven woman made ​​the slightest suggestion. Anway, it was not his rude wopuld to provide drinking Soall sight and three were making our way to his suite to accept the other side of the complex for us quite a climb, we are not a couple of times to our finally caught his breath and get apatment. boy was right, the view was breathtaking bay of the old town you can see all the lights. John glasses and a bottle of wine, but he said sorry I can not find the corkscrew, she drjizz said oh do not worry, we can have a glass of water, I do not think I have risen to herev heway drjizz a glass of water said to me, I will go and a corkscrew of the platform. I told the woman says youok itself can be a ciggarette i sit and enjoy the view as stated. The bar had closed, but she gave drjizz me a corkscrew and said to bring it back tomorrow. So I went drjizz back into the apartment of the road winds its way its way to the top in a zig -zag, so it actually passes the previous Apertments before on the same level as them. almost at the top I could see johns terrace and could see my wife and kissing john or saw something very similar, the blatant bastrd has a cheek to expect quiterly headed the department, begin kissing on the balcony, but as around the corner were not there. The curtains were drawn, and I saw my wife sitting on the edge of the bed with John cocck buried deep in her mouth, I heard almost broke straoight and she decided to see, but what would happen. She was sucking him, as no tap water for weeks, if we're on vacation we fuck every night must be drjizz the weather. John moaned and moaned and yhought to be running every minuit somewhat to my surprise, my wife raised the pusshed BEDV pulled the skirt and thong set aside before it. Shit, I think coludnt, it happened again, but uanBening t me, or so I thought. John was licking my wife, Fanny, and moaned and amoaning record your hair and let out a deep moan oh In the following, she was sure. John then put the dick to her and began to fuck in trouble had not come, but I decided to let go. John it was not long before he, as he wanted to come, but Lokken moved ot her and masturbate in the face of my wife that he had exaggerated the amount of sex letely at least four good shots af Thich punped cum on her face. The woman put her finger in the face abd HERV like semen in her mouth out. Oh, my God, I do not think I see the bitch wht dirty, John bathromm went to my wife, and then I decided to enter the room screaming Ive got the corkscrew Next, came from John the bathromm fist and looking red and a little embarrassed, followed bu my wife is everything ok I said oh yeah I was showing John b beutifullathroom. In the thinking drjizz of Do you think im stupid, but said nothing. You can have a drink now Ive got the corkscrew John would have said if we're not too tired, sorry. Really Toire drjizz spirit, iv just watching you fuck my wife. So he said, and left him there goddbye as soon as you round the corner was the house, grabbed me and kissed my wife, she wanted aws still as hot as hell and I had my I own cargo load of cum, I told him I had seen what happened and she was horrified that he did not, I would find, she said, she said, I would say later, but you do, ask what the. We have not even reached our apartment before we got a dark room on the road, where I picked up on the wall, just come to me for a few miniutes and let the cleaning, it was when I heard. said he is angry with me, yes im fucking crazy now you have me worried it's going to do something like this every drjizz meal you are. We needevebning but he has not spoken since. is all
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